• ID Festival 2016: Lights & Vessels © Ruthe Zuntz
  • ID Festival 2016: Lights and Vessels © Ruthe Zuntz
  • Lights & Vessels - a studio presentation by the progressive wave © Shira Kela
  • Lights & Vessels - a studio presentation by the progressive wave © the artist
  • Lights & Vessels - a studio presentation by the progressive wave © the artist
  • Lights & Vessels - a studio presentation by the progressive wave © the artist

Lights & Vessels


Lights & Vessels – a studio presentation by the progressive wave is a debut sneak peek at the first chapter of the progressive wave’s upcoming performance-trilogy Science of Signs. Decoding a hidden coded-language into an acceptable target-language, this lecture-like solo piece written and performed by Israeli Sign-Language interpreter and choreographer, Gal Naor, aims to claim the relevance of Kabbalah wisdom to the secular world and uncover a comprehensive and thought-provoking approach towards its teachings.

conception/choreography/performance: Gal Naor
co-artsitic direction/dramaturgy: Matan Zamir
stage/light/video design: Marc Jungreithmeier
original music composition: Ori Alboher
costume design: Don Aretino
production management: Ann-Christin Görtz
text transcription: Bennet Togler
duration: 60 minutes

further shows Saturday 22:00 and Sunday 21:00


Gal Naor
Gal Naor is an Israeli Sign-Language interpreter, performance maker and founder of the progressive wave. In his pieces he deals with the triangular relations between language, identity and culture. His intensive engagement within the Deaf social circles in Israel and Germany is significantly contributing to his artistic researches. Gal Naor was born in Israel in 1986. In 2010 he accomplished his linguistic research Hebrew and Israeli Sign Language – Bilingualism or Interference. In July 2011, he received his diploma in Israeli Sign Language interpretation at Bar-Ilan University in Ramat-Gan, Israel. In 2014 he created in collaboration with matanicola (Matan Zamir and Nicola Mascia) his debut interdisciplinary dance performance bodieSLANGuage with deaf and hearing international performers, coproduced by Theater Freiburg and Ballhaus Ost, Berlin and sponsored by the Capital Cultural Fund of Berlin (HKF). In December 2015 Gal Naor was invited for Tanzlabor-21 Residency Program in Mousonturm, Frankfurt, where he has started working on his new solo piece Lights & Vessels, the first chapter of his upcoming performance trilogy Science of Signs.

Matan Zamir
Matan Zamir born in 1977 in Israel, is a Berlin based choreographer and performer. He studied dance at Kibbutz Contemporary Dance School (where he graduated in 1996) and at Bat Dor Dance School in Tel Aviv. In 1996 he joined the prestigious Batsheva Dance Ensemble (under the artistic direction of Ohad Naharin). He was invited to work with theatre directors Omri Nitzan, Itzik Weingarten and with choreographer Yasmeen Godder among others, as a creative performer, artistic collaborator and rehearsals director. In 2002 he moved to Berlin and since then has worked with various choreographers and artists including Sasha Waltz, Benoit Lachambre, Junko Wada and Peaches amongst others. In 2005, together with Italian choreographer and performer Nicola Mascia, he co-founded the collaborative duo matanicola. Their body of work includes 7 evening-length pieces, site-specific creations, festival curation, installations and improvisation projects. Besides choreographing, performing and providing artistic consultation, Matan Zamir is regularly teaching contemporary dance classes and leads movement research workshops internationally.

Marc Jungreithmeier
Marc Jungreithmeier, born in 1979, studied Applied Theatre Studies at the Justus Liebig University in Gießen. He worked, among others, for Rimini Protokoll and Auftrag: Lorey as a freelance stage, light and video designer. In his work Marc Jungreithmeier tries to enrich the space with the different media of video, to experience it in a new way and to change it’s perspectives. In Lights & Vessels the space follows the performer, while imageries evolve as a result of different perspectives. Together with Gal Naor Marc Jungreithmeier developed a contemporary stage language of light and projection.

Ori Alboher
Ori Alboher AKA ORI, was born in 1986 in Jerusalem, ORI is a singer, composer and performer. ORI builds up melodic, rhythmic and repetitive structures, combined with modified human vocals, loops and beats. In August 2012, ORI released two albums – one with his band FOLO called The secret message alongside his solo debut Unwind that received great reviews worldwide. Shortly after, Alboher has moved to Berlin, Germany. For Lights & Vessels, ORI composed an original sound-score, blending organic soundscapes with electronic influences, combining ancient liturgical hymns with contemporary beats.

Don Aretino
Don Aretino was born in 1992 in Medan, Indonesia. Currently he is in the process of finishing his Bachelor degree in Fashion Design at HTW Berlin. He works as an assistant designer at the Berlin based menswear label SADAK since August 2014. During this period, he also helped with the costume production for the performance bodieSLANGuange. Recently, Don Aretino did a costume for the dance performance Jam Burr which premiered in July 2015. For the project, Arentino created a casual costume featuring multifunctional elements inspired by religious attires.

Bennet Togler
Bennet Togler, born in 1974 in Mainz, studied Philosophy, History and European Ethnology in Berlin. He works as a freelance translator and subtitle designer for various audio-visual media. Toggle worked with Gal Naor on his collaboration project with matanicola bodieSLANGuage in 2014.

Ann-Christin Görtz
Ann-Christin Görtz, born in 1985, studied Dance Studies (FU Berlin) and Intercultural Communication (Stellenbosch University). Since 2015 she works as freelance project and production manager for festivals in the fields of dance and theater. In 2016 she was the head of production at Tanzplattform Deutschland.

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A production of the progressive wave with the support of ID Festival Berlin and Tanzlabor 21 (Frankfurt).



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2016-10-21 21:30:00 2016-10-21 22:30:00 Europe/Berlin Lights & Vessels

This is a preview of the performance-trilogy »Science of Signs« envisioned by the progressive wave, shown for the first time ever at our festival. A colorful combination of dance, video installation, sign language interpretation, and a lecture, it will leave you full of wonder and insight as to the ancient wisdom of the Kabbalah.

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